I’m a big believer that reading in public makes you more attractive. I’m not sure why and and I don’t even know if it’s true, but I’ve seen too many pictures of men reading on public transport, posted onto Twitter by women with captions like “there are still men out there like this 😍😍😍” to not sort of consider it.

Now, I’m a big fan of people fancying me so it only made sense for me to buy a book – my first in a very long time. The thing is, I tend to forget to read/get too self-conscious to get a book out on the Tube so I usually just have to wait until one of the days when I get into work too early and then sit in a Pret with a flat white and a Penguin Classic. I’m a horrid, terrible poser.

But it’s fair to say I genuinely get more looks than usual when I’m reading. People really do like to see it.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky clearly knows the same thing, as he makes an effort to read on public transport. The only difference is that he goes for a slightly different angle with his reading material.

No, Rogowsky goes pretty out there with the book covers he makes himself…

Images via YouTube