Genuinely hard watch, this…

I mean Laphroaig? Really? I had some of that a few months back and I’m not trying to be funny or anything (not my style) but it genuinely tasted like Frazzles – you know, the bacon-flavoured crisps that everyone was obsessed with 15 years ago.

I kid, I kid, it’s almost impossible to watch as this poor man, who’s just trying to make the most out of his glass of scotch, has his wife packing up in the background, gearing up for a splitting up.

I’m not sure what his real name is, but foodquig really tries his hardest to keep his cool as his wife wanders around behind him, getting ready as he describes the taste and aroma of the ten year old scotch.

You need to see it to believe it…

“It’s got that medicinal quality t-“



“It’s got that medicinal quality to it.”

You couldn’t write it.

With everything said, he goes on about how much he loves this particular scotch, but goes on to liken it to tar, old socks, peat and other generally bad things. It really doesn’t sound like he likes the whisky but he can’t get enough. It’s bizarre.

Maybe that’s why his wife left him. He kept insulting her, thinking he was paying compliments and eventually she’d had enough.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Good luck to him.

Images via YouTube