I’ve always wondered how stuff gets invented these days; I mean, everything’s basically already been thought of.

One of the great philosophers of our time, Karl Pilkington, once made the point that thousands of years ago it’d have been easy to be an inventor.

And he’s right.

Find a little tool to pick food up with: you’ve just invented the fork.

Tired of drinking out of your hands? Scoop it up with something and you’ve just discovered the cup!

You get my point.

Nowadays if you profess to be an inventor you’re going to have to think of some pretty zany contraptions in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Joseph Herscher, better known as Joseph’s Machines, sort of does that, only he makes mesmerizing chain-reaction machines out of whatever’s around him.

It may not serve much of a purpose other than to entertain, but boy do they do their job well.

Joseph has now made “The Cake Server,” the most sophisticated machine that he has created to date. From butter sliding down a table by itself to flying hammers and a baby, this chain reaction genuinely has to be seen to be believed.

And no, it’s not edited.

What a spectacle.

I genuinely couldn’t take my eyes off the video, I was glued to it.

Other people were equally blown away by it:

Just when you think the intern is nothing more than a vile, breeding ground for hate and abuse, you uncover this little gem.

Consider my faith restored.

Images via YouTube/Joseph’s Machines