It’s getting closer and closer, folks!

The people over at HBO certainly know what they’re doing to ramp up excitement for the new season; they’ve been drip feeding us little snippets for months now, which includes a teaser that dropped not too long ago.

If you remember, in the trailer – which you can check out below – we see Jon, Arya and Sansa reuniting in the crypts of Winterfell as they come across statues that look identical to them. The light swiftly gets sucked out of the room, as, presumably, the White Walkers draw close.

And to seemingly whet our appetites for GoT even more, HBO have revealed the first official photos from the upcoming final season.

They’re pretty cryptic and don’t provide us with a load of new info but hey, they’re nice to look at.

Overall the cast members are looking fairly worried with the state of things; Jon and Daenerys are still in the north thrashing out their relationship, while Arya and Sansa look equally perturbed.

We get a look at Tyrion standing on a balcony in Winterfell and on the other side of Westeros, Cersei is looking pensive in King’s Landing.

Check them out below:

Told you they didn’t give much away.

This comes after the episode lengths of the upcoming final season were reportedly unveiled.

While there’s no official word from HBO, an overseas affiliate– French network OCS – gave Première magazine some hard numbers as to how long each ep will run for.

According to them, the eighth and final season will begin with two hour-long episodes, with the remaining four lasting for 80-minutes each.

Fansite Watchers on the Wall did some maths and worked out that this puts season eight at exactly the same length as season seven: 440 minutes (that’s seven hours and 20 minutes).

This seems to confirm that the ‘biggest battle in the history of television’ will be in episodes three and four, meaning a staggering two hours and 40 minutes will be dedicated to the showdown its been teasing since the very first episode.


And if all that wasn’t enough for you, you can now stay in an Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel which looks seriously cool. Literally.

Season 8 drops on 14th/15th April – bring it on.

Images via Twitter/HBO