For the most part, until now, the best “teaser” we’d gotten of Game of Thrones was when each member of the cast was wheeled out individually by HBO so they could say some generic and interchangeable like:

aha yeah, this is gonna be a big ol’ season for my particular character!

Not really helpful but at that stage we lapped it up.

And then we got this on the 13th of November, which didn’t actually show us anything new, rather than stuff we’ve all seen at least ten times previously…

Still, it was fun.

But now there’s more! Have a watch…

Ooooh foreboding.

So we see frost – representing the White Walkers – spread across Westeros, freezing the The wolf of House Stark and the dragon, which we assume represents House Targaryen.

But then fire rises from the south, enveloping the House of Lannister and eventually clashing with the ice, which is clearly a metaphor for a huge war.

Naturally the hype was all there…

Ooooooh I can’t wait.

Images via HBO