Yesterday it was reported that John Allen Chau, 27, an American missionary, was killed when he trespassed on one of the world’s most remote islands to teach the natives Christianity.

Using bows and arrows, the tribesmen – famed for shunning the outside world – shot Chau dead.

Chau, from Vancouver, paid fishermen $325 to take him to North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean where he hoped to spread the word of god.

The tribesmen on North Sentinel are protected by law, and have a history of killing trespassers. Along with that, they may be vulnerable to modern diseases as they are so secluded.

Since the incident, police have arrested seven people, believed to be the fishermen who took him there.

However, as it turns out, John wrote to his friends and family about his trip, telling them not to blame anyone for his death – should he be killed – and that he was looking forward to it. He also kept a journal.

He wrote in the letter to his family:

“Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed.”


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In light of his death, Chau’s mother released some of his journal entrances to various news sources. Fox News reported that one said:

You guys might think I’m crazy in all this but I think it’s worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people.

Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed.

Rather please live your lives in obedience to whatever he has called you to and I’ll see you again when you pass through the veil. This is not a pointless thing – the eternal lives of this tribe is at hand and I can’t wait to see them around the throne of God worshipping in their own language as Revelations 7:9-10 states.

I love you all and I pray none of you love anything in this world more than Jesus Christ.

As reports have it, Chau initially made contact with the tribe, offering them gifts such as a football and fish, but the tribesmen soon lost patience with him and attacked.

He managed to escape and swam back to the fishing boat as his kayak was damaged. When back on the boat, he apparently wrote “God I don’t want to die” in his journal, before heading back.

The fishermen said that they later saw members of the tribe dragging his body away.

Images via Instagram, Times of India