Both Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa seem like a really good dudes.

I always thought you’d have to be a bit of a d*ck to make it in Hollywood, but the DC pair seem to have dispelled the myth that nice guys finish last.

Jason Momoa is fresh off promoting Aquaman, which arrived just in time for the holiday box office, and has been pretty much cleaning up money-wise thus far (the film has earned over $822 million and just overtaking fellow Justice League member Wonder Woman in global box office total).

Celebrating that fact, Henry Cavill posted a tribute to his Justice League costar for his success in leading Aquaman to box office victory.

“Channeling the man of the hour, the man of big hugs, big laughs and big pints of Guinness, my man Jason Momoa,” Cavill wrote in the Instagram post below. “How’d I do? Seriously though, I just finally got the chance to watch Aquamanhere in Hungary. Jason, James and everyone involved in that movie, smashes it out of the (water)park. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. Jason, love you bro, you crushed it.”


How droll – the fork’s a trident.


Momoa responded to the post with: “Thank god u were already casted for Superman. I’d be out of a job love u brother. Mahalo for the support.”

Cavill and Momoa have enjoyed a bit of a lovefest in the media lately, with Momoa’s defense of Cavill’s portrayal of the Man of Steel at a Puerto Rico Comic-Con panel from 2015 recently going viral:

Can I get in on this bromance?

Images DC/Instagram