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Did you know that over three-quarters of all men – and 36% of all women – regularly watch online porn? That’s a serious amount of people watching X-rated content, but when it’s so readily available can you really blame us… I mean them?

While there’s no issue with young people watching porn to satisfy their unquenchable libidos, many users don’t stop to think of the harrowing truth behind some explicit content.

Many people would be appalled to think that under 18s feature in the online pornography they watch, but sadly it’s true. It’s shocking to think that in 2018 more than 100,000 webpages showing the sexual abuse of children were identified and removed from the internet by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). These webpages each contained up to thousands of images and videos showing the sexual abuse of children. It amounted to millions of horrific images.

But what do you do if you stumble across these indecent images and videos online?

Report it! And now, thanks to the IWF (in partnership with sexual abuse charity Marie Collins Foundation) it’s never been easier: they’ve put together a brilliant and insightful short film about one man and his ‘special’ sock to encourage people to report indecent sexual images of minors.

By sharing an image of your clean socks with the hashtag #sosockingsimple, you can help raise awareness of sexual content of under 18s, which can quickly – and anonymously – be reported to the IWF (

But enough from me: watch Sock explain just how #sosockingsimple it is to report!

All you’ve got to do to join the sock movement is share a picture of your snazzy toe warmers (socks with holes still count) using the #sosockingsimple hashtag. This will spread the message to encourage people to report suspicious online sexual content to and help put an end to further child abuse.

It’s so quick to do, and with research showing that 49% of men “don’t know where and how” to report underage images, it’s clear the #sosockingsimple movement is needed now more than ever.

Susie Hargreaves OBE, Internet Watch Foundation CEO, explains just how easy – and important – it is to report:

“This new creative film enables young men to be heroes. With large numbers of people watching pornography there’s some who are likely to stumble on content they just don’t want to see. Our new film guides people on how to do the right thing and report sexual content of under 18s to us so we can take action to have it taken down. One hour is all it can take us to remove a victim’s images from the internet after responding to a report.”

If you want to know more about the campaign, visit @IWFhotline or @MCFcharityUK on Twitter or go to for more info.

Remember: it’s #sosockingsimple!

Images via IWF