Mexican food is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

I actually remember the first time I ever tried a burrito and you could say it changed my life.

Sadly, my introduction to the world of burritos was pretty late, but fortunately for this next kid, hers is much earlier than mine.

Raina Kessel has a little girl named Riva, who at just 18-weeks old is already trying to wolf down solid foods.

To prove how hungry her little one is, Kessel recently uploaded footage of her eating a burrito while holding Riva.

The Facebook post read, “Her doctor said that I could start thinking about introducing her to solid foods if she started showing any interest. Might this qualify?”

As you’ll see from the video below, Riva’s eyes widen and her mouth opens as soon as she senses food (basically all of us), turning from innocent little tot to famished, ravening destroyer in a matter of seconds.


Just brilliant viral content.

People were obviously loving it:

I’m literally just about to go out for food as well.

Guess what I’m getting…

Image via Twitter/Getty