The only time I’ve been properly skint was at university.

We couldn’t afford a TV licence, or to pay our heating bills, and I lived off a diet consisting mainly of Pot Noodles, beans and bread. You really don’t realise how versatile bread is until you’re in the most dire circumstances.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night snack – bread/toast is literally perfect for every occasion.

However, even then, in my darkest financial moments, I still never considered staging an insurance scam.

That’s partly because too much effort and planning would be required (I could barely muster up the energy to do my degree), and also because I don’t want to get in trouble with the PoPo.

As it turns, though, it needn’t be that difficult.

That’s because the man seen above faffing about the coffee machine is accused of ‘faking’ slipping and falling to try and get insurance money.

Reports say that the 57-year-old man was subcontracted to work at a company when he allegedly faked the fall. In CCTV footage, the man can be seen throwing ice on the floor and then lying down on it.

Authorities say the man waited until he was discovered and then he filed an insurance claim for hospital treatment.

Honestly his attempt is pitiful and it has to be seen to be believed. Check it out below:

Unbelievable. He’s so brazen about it.

And that fall is absolutely pathetic; not only did he not put any effort into it but he just lay there like a ladybird on its back.

Apparently the investigation is still ongoing. WHY?!

This video is all the evidence we need!!

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