It’s fair to say that Holly Willoughby is doing a fantastic job as co-host on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and though we do miss Ant and Dec’s rapport, Holly’s chemistry with Dec is pretty great.

In a way, you sort of feel bad for her; it’s a pretty thankless task, stepping in for one half of Britain’s favourite double-act, but she’s made the role her own.

Well, I say you feel sorry for her, but there’s not much I wouldn’t do for the money that’s being thrown her way…

As a source close to the presenter revealed, she was on £2.5 million from ITV, but doubled her wages for I’m a Celeb to a whopping £5,000,000.

ITV want to make it clear that she is theirs and they are prepared to pay her for it.

With the exception of Ant and Dec, Holly is their most popular and well-known presenter, and they see her as their main appeal to the female market.

She has got herself in a place where she can ask for what she wants and ITV will pay her what she is worth. Negotiations on a new contract will start imminently.”

Not a bad haul, is it? £2.5 mil for a few weeks in Oz… and just in time for Christmas.

Since Holly took over from Ant McPartlin, ratings soared from 10.2 million to 11.9 million so it looks like she’s doing a pretty good job.

Once Ant’s back in form and ready to start presenting again, ITV have got a tough pickle on their hands. Who do they get to present?

Holly’s doing such a good job but you can’t break up Ant and Dec. That would be madness.

Images via ITV