Last week Iceland released their Christmas advert to critical acclaim but annoyingly for television-owners, it was almost instantaneously banned from showing live on air, as it violated Watchdog Clearcast’s rules; namely, it was too political.

The politics involved were those regarding palm oil, and the exploitation of rainforests to procure such a precious resource. Just imagine a world without palm oil… you’d have to find an alternative to Nutella and drink Coke instead of Pepsi.

In Iceland’s ad, an orangutan was seen in a girls bedroom, making a mess and bemoaning humanities penchant for burning down trees to make shampoo.

Celebrities across the Twittersphere were outraged that the advert was pulled, and urged people to watch it, as well as have Clearcast reconsider their decision.

With that in mind, Iceland have decided to press the issue further by creating an animatronic orangutan that will tour England to bring light to the palm oil saga.

The life-size, hyper-realistic robot was created by a special effects team who worked on the likes of Doctor Who and Sherlock, and will be controlled via remote control by someone at a steady distance.

It will first appear at the Christmas tree in Coin Street, before going to Oxford Circus and other parks around the country. After that, it will visit various locations in the UK, such as Birmingham and Manchester as it “searches for a new home”.

Richard Walker, Iceland’s managing director, said:

Our stranded, distressed orangutan is a stark and potent symbol of the effects of deforestation.

We are determined to be at the forefront of efforts to guarantee palm oil is not causing rainforest destruction and Iceland will continue to be a driving force until this environmental impact is drastically reduced.

The advert is fantastic, and provides a glimpse into the plight of wildlife in rainforests as corporations heartlessly tear them down and burn them. It absolutely should be viewed by everyone.

Granted, it’s not at all Christmas-related and the fact that both the little girl and infant ape have the same inner-monologue of a grown woman bothers me, but that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s hope that the issue gets the publicity it needs to make a difference.

Images via Iceland, Getty