I feel sort of bad for Daniel Craig, in a way. Not fiscally, obviously; the man has money coming out of his ears and he gets to go home to Rachel Weisz almost every night.

No, the reason I feel sorry for him is that he’s perhaps one of the most underappreciated Bonds we’ve had, despite being in the top two.

While Pierce Brosnan can act, Bond wasn’t really in his range. Sean Connery and George Lazenby were both just models who looked right for the role and other than looking stoic, never actually did any proper acting. Meanwhile Roger Moore was, well, Roger Moore was Roger Moore.

That leaves that fantastic Timothy Dalton, who could definitely act and the aforementioned Craig, who can also act, but can also handle the physical side of the role.

Daniel Craig is perhaps the best Bond we’ve had and ever since Skyfall, all we’ve been able to do is talk about who’s going to replace him. That’s not fair.

Every month there’s a new name thrown into the mix of who’s going to don the PPK, including James Norton and Richard Madden (who I thought were the same person), but the name that always sticks around is Idris Elba.

The suave, handsome, physical presence that is Elba has been on the lips of most people since the idea of a new Bond took over and though he’s realistically too old to reboot the franchise, that doesn’t slow down rumours at all.

Taking advantage of this, both of the actors attended the Golden Globes last night, and decided to share a funny snap.

It includes Elba looking awkward, whilst Craig eyes him up suspiciously. The caption reads “Er….”

This isn’t the first time Idris has toyed around with taking over the roll of Bond, previously posting this photo and caption to Twitter, presumably to ruffle a few feathers…

Only time will tell if these rumours have any legs. This could get interesting…

Images via Twitter, MGM, Getty