This might be just me but I’ve always wanted certain songs to play at specific moments in my life.

Imagine turning up to a job interview and Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger playing, or going on a date and Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees ringing around your ears; I’d absolutely smash life!

Yep, those moments would certainly give you chills, wouldn’t they, which says a lot about your personality because research has suggested that getting goosebumps when you hear certain music might be an indicator as to how special you are.

Scientists at the University of Southern California examined the brain scans of 20 students, half of whom had intense reactions to music and half didn’t.

After each participant listened to a piece of self-selected music, researchers compared the scans and found that those who made the emotional and physical attachment to music had distinctive brain structures different to those that don’t.

The research showed that these people tended to have a denser volume of fibres that connect their auditory cortex and areas that process emotions, meaning the two can communicate better.

“More fibres and increased efficiency between two regions means that you have more efficient processing between them,” explained Matthew Sachs, co-author of the study.

He also concluded that people who get goosebumps upon listening to music may experience emotions at a more intense level than those who don’t, regardless of whether they’re listening to a song or not.

Furthermore, these sensations can also be associated with memories linked to a certain song, which cannot be controlled in a laboratory setting. Which makes total sense when you think about it really; I remember going to Florida with my parents when I was about 8 or 9 and Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight playing on the radio.

Every time I hear that song I’m immediately transported to a different time in my life.

(It also seems to happen with smells; occasionally on the Tube I’ll get a whiff of a woman wearing the same perfume as my ex girlfriend and I’ll die a little inside.)

Was that creepy?

So there you have it, folks: certain music does scienc-y “stuff” to you.

Here’s a few that just downright do it to me and Alfie:

Ooooh, I just got all the feels.

Images via Getty/YouTube