I’ve never been to the moon but it looks like a decent trip.

I don’t really like people – and as far as I’m aware there are no people on the moon (apart from the man on the moon) – it’s not overly hot, and there’s plenty to see and explore.

It’s basically the Lake District minus the extortionate B&B prices.

Like most far-away holidays, though, getting to the moon would be a bit of a pain and probably involve a lot of waiting around.

Plus the food’s always bad.

And although coming back from a normal holiday is always a downer, can you imagine how miserable it would be coming back from the moon?

All that training and preparation and now you’ve done it; where do you go now?

Any future holiday would be a complete let-down too – ‘yeah the Maldives is cool, but I’ve been to the f*cking moon, man.’


The general consensus is that the moon is too far away to go on holiday, but if it was a lot closer, would you go?

Heck, if a planet was a lot closer, would you go?

If you’re struggling to use your imagination then look no further because someone’s mocked up a video of what the planets would look like if they were as close as the moon to Earth.

It’s fascinating yet terrifying stuff and reminds me of Luke Skywalker on Tatooine.

How insane is that?

It genuinely blew my mind seeing Uranus that up close and personal.

(I had to.)

Also, why does Jupiter get all the adulation? Saturn’s well better and I’ll fight you if you don’t agree.

Anyway, people were loving it, including John Cusack of all people:


Pluto’s missing but apparently that’s because Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

Political correctness gone mad.

You know where there isn’t PC? The moon.

Images via Twitter/GIPHY/Getty