Last night’s Bushtucker Trial saw Rita Simons and James McVey take part in the ‘Silver Scream’.

This entailed Rita standing in a glass box that was having various insects thrown into it every now and then whilst she answered questions, whilst James had to put his head in smaller boxes full of all sorts of creatures and unscrew stars with his tongue.

It obviously wasn’t a walk in the park for either of them, but it seems like one had a harder time than the other…

Dec introduced the trial saying:

This is Stars of the Silver Scream, this requires both brain and brawn. One of you will push your head up into one of these 6 boxes that are all themed around different films, each with a Jungle twist. When your time starts your job is to release the star or stars that are inside using only your tongue.

However, the amount of time you have to release the stars will be determined by the other celebrity who will be locked inside a giant popcorn machine.

Their job is to correctly answer a number of questions related to the film in the box. Each correct answer will earn the celebrity in the box 20 seconds to try and release the star. This is a Bushtucker Trial so you won’t be alone in either the boxes or the popcorn machine.

As it goes, the pair did very well. James was pretty excellent at getting stars with his mouth, and Rita’s film knowledge surprised everyone.

Objectively though, James seemed to have a tougher time in the two-part trail, whilst Rita’s task seemed mainly to put up with being annoyed and slightly itchy.

When the two went to talk to Holly and Dec afterwards though, everyone seemed to agree that Rita had it harder.

Rita said:

In between James going between the boxes, I’ve just got to stand there with cockroaches in my bra, and they sting.

James literally had his head in a box of snakes and scorpions. Come on, Rita…

Twitter didn’t agree with her, that’s for sure:

Seems pretty comprehensive…

Images via ITV