With the news breaking that Noel Edmonds is being paid a record-breaking £600,000 to take part in this year’s I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here, it’s fair to say that people are pretty excited.

For a start, the man in nowhere near as popular as he used to be, so a lot of people – rightly or wrongly – are looking forward to seeing him go through some difficult trials.

Also, everyone loves to get value for money, and if you’re paying £600,000, you really want it to be worth it. We don’t want another Tony Blackburn, fading into the background and then winning because everyone forgot he was there.

Anyway, with Edmonds’ imminent arrival into the jungle on the horizon, people have been taking to Twitter to share hilarious puns about what he may face…


Edmonds revealed that he’s been eating worms on the run-up to the show to prepare himself and as Rhys James quite eloquently put it, I really hope he doesn’t get an eating trial now so it was all worthless…

Images via ITV