So Ant isn’t part of this year’s ‘I’m A Celeb’, but co-host Holly Willoughby is doing a decent enough job of replacing him.

Although some fans have been critical of her chemistry with Dec, the general consensus is that given the situation she’s doing as best as anyone could expect.

But after last night’s show, it wasn’t her presenting skills that had people talking, no, it was her mysterious jumped, which kept changing colour between shots.

Fans noticed her multi-coloured logo on the front for her black top disappeared during Anne’s Bushtucker Trial.

From the side, viewers could clearly see a logo on her chest, but when the camera was focused on her from the front, the logo had been blacked out – with fans complaining editors had “wiped her boobs out”.

Here’s what people were saying:

“Not only have they blocked her logo out but they’ve completely wiped her boobs out! #ImACeleb.”

Someone else said: “Holly’s jumper is different in different shots. Logo visible from back view. No logo in front view #imaceleb.”

In other ‘I’m A Celeb’ news, the difference between the highest and lowest paid contestants has been revealed.

As it turns out, Noel Edmonds is the top earner with £600,000.

You can check out the lowest paid star here.

Images via Twitter/ITV