It seems that Anne Hegerty can do no wrong.

Until now, that is.

The Chase star has captured the nation’s heart in this series of ‘I’m A Celeb’, endearing herself to fans across the country with her sobering stories.

However she may have put her foot in it in last night’s episode as she totally spoiled her Extra Camp appearance before the Extra Camp hosts could themselves.

After Holly and Dec came into camp to explain all 11 of them would be doing the next challenge in the Immunity Games, Anne said it wouldn’t be happening too soon because she had something she needed to do.

She then proceeded to reveal a showbiz spoiler by saying:

“I’ve been told there is going to be some time because there want me to do something for ITV2 first.

“So it’s not going to be immediate.”

Anne! Less of that it ruins the TV magic.

People were quick to joke how she had spoiled the whole appearance on ITV2’s Extra Camp, as the teaser hadn’t even come up on their channel yet.

Others were just wondering why the comment was aired at all.

Someone else said: ‘Oops bit of a slight slip from Anne as to why we don’t get the live stream anymore.’

Another added: ‘Anne telling everyone the trial won’t be immediately because she’s got to go and do something for ITV2 , she’s so precious I love her.’

Anne, promise us this: don’t ever change.

Images via ITV