Anne Hegerty has been the talk of the jungle in this year’s ‘I’m A Celeb’, but now she’s caused a stir after eagle-eyed viewers spotted something strange during her live Bushtucker trial.

Fans have claimed The Chase star has been shown favouritism by producers after appearing to drink coke during her trial rather than liquidised fish eyes.

Some viewers noted the similarities between the fizzy drink and Anne’s glass, and the fact that there appeared to be bubbles in it too.

Which does seem a bit weird, I’ll admit.

Anne has been exempt from a number of Bushtucker Trials on medical grounds but took part in the recent live trial, which involved her eating dead witchetty grubs before drinking the fish eyes.

She did it with ease, and people think there was some foul-play at hand:

Another said:

“Anne’s drink was definitely coke or ice coffee no way was it fish eye juice! She didn’t gag yet the other day she was gagging when they were talking about spit and sweat.”

While a third said:

“This is what i am saying she is drinking coke cola it was a fizzy drink what @anne_hegerty was drinking. The show is a fix!”

Responding to the allegation, a spokesperson for I’m A Celebrity told The Sun Online:

“There is categorically absolutely no truth to this at all.”

It’s not the first time viewers have kicked off about this year’s ‘I’m A Celeb’.

Many fans were shocked to see Hollyoaks actor Malique-Thompson Dwyer with banned contraband (or so people thought.)

You can check out what they were saying here.

Images via ITV