Lego was never really my thing growing up but I reckon if my parents had given it to me at an early age it would have definitely helped with my cack-handedness in adulthood.

Despite being completely hopeless with anything remotely practical, my parents did, however, teach me the importance of selflessness and empathy, which I think more than makes up for my non-existent dexterity.

Fortunately plenty of other people are blessed with similar traits too, because the Internet has stepped in to help a heart-broken Lego builder/YouTube sensation who had  £14,000 worth of Lego stolen from his home.

French model builder Louis, who also goes by the name ‘republicattak’, is mostly known for his elaborate Star Wars Lego sets which he often shares with his 12,000 subscribers.

Last week, though, he surprised his followers by uploading a video entitled ‘Bye’ which detailed the break-in.

Tearful and visibly distressed, the 20 year-old says that he came home from work one evening to find broken windows and doors as well as various Lego pieces scattered across the floor.

He says the thieves that broke into his Paris home ignored all of his computers and cameras and instead went straight for his “Lego Room” which contained an estimated £14,000 worth of collectibles.

“Just been burgled; most of my collection stolen, my last creation which took me 10 months that I was about to finished, destroyed; after 14 years of collection and 8 years of YouTube, I’m just ending it. Bye,” he says in the video.

However, since the announcement that his Lego building days were over, people have been quick to offer their help, with thousands of Redditors in particular saying they would be happy to donate their own Lego sets to him.

One fan even set up a fundraising campaign to raise money in order to replace his collection. The GoFundMe campaign originally set a goal of $1,000 but had already reached more than than $15,000 by Sunday.

On Sunday, Louis took to Twitter to express his gratitude.

How about that, then – a happy ending for once.

Just when you were about to give up on humanity it goes and does something all heart-warming like that and restores your faith.

Good on yah, humanity.