Unless I’m mistaken, the general vibe about glitter is that it’s nice at first and then immediately very annoying and intrusive for, perhaps, the rest of your life.

It looks great, and as a decorative flair it definitely does its job. However, I do not, one bit, envy the people who I see with it sprinkled all over their bodies. That’s going to stay with them for years. You just can’t wash all of the glitter away. It’s impossible.

All those glitter-wearing folks at festivals will be finding it everywhere for years. In their hair, under their nails, in their beds, in their food. The latter is the worst, obviously, and definitely worth avoiding… but hey it’s 2018.

So of course people are putting glitter on food on purpose, and they’re not even doing it to food that needs jazzing up like, say, lettuce. No, they’re doing it to pizza.

Pizza was fine!

When I heard that this was a thing I must admit that I wasn’t happy, but I thought I’d reserve judgement until after I’d tasted it or even seen it. Unfortunately, the pizza is exclusive to Dagwoods restaurant in Santa Monica, so I’ll have to judge it on appearance alone.

It looks mouldy.

It’s an abomination but the crust looks quite nice.

It’s called the MagicalAF pizza, because of course it is. Their website states:

“We are often credited with having the best pizza in Los Angeles as we are committed to using nothing but the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our extensive menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, subs, and wings – not to mention plenty of gluten-free and vegan options.”

How much do I want to try this pizza? I wouldn’t travel to Santa Monica for it. I’d like to go to Santa Monica, actually, and I’m not even sure I’d bother trying it if I were there. I just don’t want to eat glitter, you know?

Images via Dagwoods, Getty