Creed was a bit of a surprise. I figured that it was just an excuse to piggyback off any nostalgia that people had for the Rocky films to make money, with the quality of the film itself being an afterthought. It’s fair to say that expectations were low. 

It’s also fair to say that expectations are high for Creed II and that’s because Creed was such an epic movie. Michael B. Jordan was great as Adonis Creed, and Stallone is the boxing trainer I wish I had. That’s a lie, not one part of me has ever wanted to box or yearned for a trainer to put some muscle on my poor excuse for biceps. BUT if I did, then it has to be Stallone or I quit.

Anyway, we digress, Creed was awesome and Creed II is on the horizon.  The big fight in this film will be between Adonis and Victor Drago. Victor Drago, of course, is the son of Ivan Drago, the same Ivan Drago that killed Apollo Creed, Adonis’ dad, in Rocky IV. Rocky is a little sceptical about Adonis stepping into the ring with the man who killed his father, but with this being a boxing movie we’re pretty sure that the fight will happen. I mean, it’s even in the trailer…

Take a look. We get to see a glimpse of Ivan Drago, with Dolph Lundgren playing him again all these years later.

“He broke things in me that ain’t ever been fixed” 

It’s powerful stuff and really does leave you wishing that the film would just be released already. As one YouTube user put it “This trailer is so good it makes me want to hit the gym.”

November 30th folks, that’s not too long for us to wait!