James Blunt has tasted the very pinnacle of success with his hit-for-the-ages You’re Beautiful.

It’s the wedding song of all wedding songs, and the video that features him braving the icy cold and singing whimsically in naught but a shirt has become synonymous with the crooner.

I imagine it’s both a gift and a curse; financially he’s still probably making a mint out of it, but everywhere he goes that song follows him like a dark cloud.

For those of you following James Blunt on social media, you’ll know that he’s basically the king of Twitter thanks to his witty nature.

He’s frequently making excellent points in response to his fans and cracking the best jokes, and his latest reply is no different.

Check out the hilarious exchange below:

He wrote:

“Sadly not. I had a dodgy tummy that night and sh** the bed. Do send them my regards”

Ahh brilliant. Told you he was the king.

You don’t f*ck with Blunt.

Given that I’ve gone on at length about Jim’s legendary Twitter antics, I feel as though I should include some of his best.


The man keeps on winning.

Images via Twitter/Getty