Yesterday I wrote about the mixed fan reaction to the Inbetweeners reunion show, Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited.

The general consensus was that none of the cast wanted to be there, there was essentially no format to the two-hour special, Jimmy Carr was an appalling host and people felt cheated, thinking it was going to be a new episode of the sitcom.

Sidenote: I want to admit that I lied when I said I was disappointed the show wasn’t a new episode in my recent article. I knew it wouldn’t be… I was just hopping on the bandwagon to be cool.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed the special for the most part, and while the producers seemed to relish in making five different shows at once, it did genuinely have its moments.

Sadly though, the Twitter army weren’t so wavering in their reviews, and they – for the most part – made it abundantly clear that Fwends Reunited was awful and a waste of time. In fact it was all over the social media site, yesterday – with the story remaining on the top of the Twitter moments chart all day. You’d have been blind not to notice.

James Buckley, who played Jay, isn’t blind. He noticed.

Taking to Twitter, he responded to the critics with a candid message, discussing the disdain shown and apologising…

Feeling pretty hated right now. Im sorry to anyone who feels let down with last nights show. Im especially upset as it really is the fans that made the inbetweeners a success, it certainly wasnt me. I might do an explanation video on my YT, or might just leave it & move on #sorry

I feel bad now, and the only thing I didn’t like about the show was Jimmy Carr. That said, I’d feel even worse if Jimmy Carr tweeted something similar.

His friends and fans weighed in, offering support to the actor:

Meanwhile, Blake Harrison (Neil) weighed in with a pretty downbeat tweet of his own…

The support continued, but generally people decided that the best reunion show would have been one with just the cast, discussing anecdotes and antics that happened on set, whilst watching clips from the sitcom and films.

Either that or a followup episode where everyone’s older and maybe married. One guy had a good idea that it’s one of the quartet’s stag do. That could work. Or just let sleeping dogs lie.

Images via Twitter, Channel 4