Four years ago a very good, light-hearted comic book film was released, featuring a ragtag gang of criminals who were largely unknown in popular culture to the masses. Despite their backgrounds, the team had to pool together to save their planet from impending doom, becoming heroes in the process; all the while, a mixture of classic pop and rock played in the background.

Two years later, a similar, albeit much worse film was released. It also featured a group of criminals who were forced by the circumstances to work together to save their planet – some were known by audiences, but many weren’t. Classic pop and rock played in the background and it was supposed to be funny.

This isn’t a story of a bad sequel, a difficult second album or anything like that; but rather Marvel making a genuinely great film against the odds with B-rate characters and an indie director, followed by DC trying to emulate the success as best they could, and failing miserably.

Suicide Squad is to Guardians of the Galaxy what those weird straight to DVD animated films are to Pixar releases…

But as DC pick themselves up and dust themselves down with the films that haven’t yet underwhelmed us like Aquaman and Shazam – the latter of which actually does look good – they’re planning another Suicide Squad for some reason.

A year or so ago, it was speculated that DC were going to look to famous controversial tough guy, Mel Gibson, to save the otherwise doomed franchise, but now it looks like they’re taking even more of a risk.

James Gunn was set to write and direct Guardians 3 until some 10-year-old tweets he made in poor taste resurfaced, showing him in a pretty negative light and while Marvel are currently searching around for someone to take the reins, Gunn has potentially found salvation in Warner Bros. and DC.

Gunn is currently in talks with the film giants to write and direct the next instalment of the Suicide Squad series, which is fairly odd. That would be like Paul McCartney joining a Beatles tribute band.

It’s also sending a weird message from Warner Bros. and DC. Firstly they’re essentially admitting to trying to emulate the success of Guardians with Suicide Squad with a ‘if you can’t beat them, be them’ attitude and secondly, they’re saying they don’t care about the controversy which lead to Gunn’s sacking from Disney in the first place.

It probably was blown out of proportion somewhat, but in this day and age with attitudes as firm as they currently are, that’s one hell of a risky stance to take.

With the news that Gunn looks likely to join forces with DC, Dave Bautista – who plays Drax in Marvel films – tweeted, saying that he wants to sign up.

He previous said is was “nauseating” working for Disney, and was fully against the firing of James Gunn.


Let’s see how this turns out. The only way I’ll be happy is if  directs Guardians 3.

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