Even though Harry Redknapp has been crowned King of the Jungle, it’s his son, Jamie, that’s been making headlines recently over his ‘will he, won’t he’ potential romance with camp-mate Emily Atack.

Emily revealed earlier in the camp that she quite fancied Jamie, addressing the camera at one point urging him to “call her.”

But now it really does seem that the romance could be blossoming as the two have been flirting with each other, both directly and via interviews.

In Harry’s post-win interview on Extra Camp, Jamie called in to congratulate him on winning the series.

As he chatted away, Emily and John Barrowman shouted ‘Hi Jamie!’ down the line, prompting Harry to tell Jamie: “Keep away from Emily, Jamie. She’d be too much for you.”

Jamie then replied: I know, I reckon she is.”

Emily and John were in hysterics as Jamie added:Do you know what Tinder is, Dad? Emily, you need to tell him what Tinder is.”

Harry joked back: “That’s what we started the fire with!”

On Tuesday Emily had also told Harry she felt she’d be a ‘really good daughter-in-law’, to which Harry responded: You would be fantastic. There is no doubt about that, Emily!”

Rita Simons said: “I think you’ve got another daughter-in-law there. Can I be there at the wedding?”

But that’s not the only interview where Emily’s been discussing all things ‘Jamie’.

The actress also joked about the ex footballer in an interview with Lorraine Kelly, miming a phone with her hands once again.

Emily told Lorraine she felt it was her ‘wedding day’ because everyone kept congratulating her on being named runner-up, before adding: “But just without a husband.”

Lorraine said: “Well, we need to sort that out. What about Jamie Redknapp?”

Emily replied: “I’ve got my makeup on now, so he might be [interested]!

Furthermore, according to the Sun,  Jamie thinks Emily is ‘sweet’ – and said that she’d been making him laugh with her appearance on the show.

“She’s so sweet in the programme,” he said.

“It was such a nice conversation and I thought, ‘Alright, Dad, where are you going with this one?’

“It was funny the way she handled it afterwards, it did make me laugh. He’s like Tinder in there, Dad, isn’t he?”

Before this, dad Harry had spoken about the two getting together, which you can read about here.

Who else would love to see them together?

Images via ITV/Twitter