Jason Momoa’s status to becoming a full-time photobombing extraordinaire has been beautiful to behold.

The ruggedly handsome, all-round good guy has become an internet sensation in recent years, not just for his roles as Aquaman and Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo, but because he loves to play the part of ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’ for adoring fans:

Brilliant, right?

Well, it seems Momoa’s up to his old tricks again, as the star has photobombed a newlywed couple in Hawaii.

On Thursday 20 December, Katie Meyers was being photographed with her new husband Brandon on a beach in Oahu following their wedding ceremony when Momoa made a surprise appearance, trident in tow.

The actor, who was also born in Hawaii, happened to have been on the island for the premiere of Aquaman, and unintentionally came across the pair taking part in a romantic sunset photo shoot.

Which is exactly when the magic happened.

“It was totally unplanned and spontaneous!” Carina Cooper, wedding coordinator for Oahu Boutique Weddings, told E! News.

“We were taking our wedding photos after the ceremony out on the rocks and Jason Momoa and some of his family and some friends just all walked out on the beach.”

“They were shouting congratulations to us and they were super calm and super chill.”

The couple’s wedding photographer Eric Leslie-Mansperger then asked the Game of Thrones star if he would be game for joining in the photo shoot.

“He happily agreed to photobomb them! There just happened to be a kid on the beach nearby with that trident (in the pic) and Jason asked to borrow it,” wedding planner Cooper said.

“So he took the trident and went behind the couple in their picture and pretended to be a sasquatch.”

“I think we were just in disbelief,” the groom explained.

“I mean, we didn’t expect for any of that to happen or know that he was here or anything like that, so it was just fun.”

Momoa later signed the trident that he’d borrowed when returning it to its owner on the beach.

“It was pretty cool to see him just be so nice and sweet and gracious,” said the bride.

“He was really gracious, really down-to-earth and was more than happy to add something special to our day,” her husband added.

This comes after the actor performed the haka at the premiere of Aquaman, again, with a trident in hand (those two are inseperable).

Check it out below:

What a legend.

Images via Instagram/L’Amour Photography/Bored Panda/Twitter