The Dude is back!

The Big Lewbowski might just been one of my all-time favourite movies – it’s literally the ultimate stoner flick.

The film is such a wacky, psychedelic trip, but for me the best scene in the entire film is the dreamy gutterball sequence. It’s completely bonkers.

The Coen brothers classic is one of Jeff Bridges’ most famous roles, and since it first premiered in 1998 there’s been talk of a sequel.

Well, I have information, man!

The man himself has teased the possibility that he is reprising the role of “The Dude,” you know, the iconic, White Russian-slurping, perpetually stoned bowler.

Bridges released a video via his Twitter account showing the character dressed in his usual outfit: a dressing gown.

“Cant be living in the past, man,” he says, telling viewers to: “Stay tuned.”

He lets out a quick chuckle as a tumbleweed rolls by revealing the date of February 3, 2019.

Check it out below:

Interesting – and a little bit exciting too.

But what does it all mean?

Could it mean a sequel is on the way? Perhaps, but it’s more likely that he’s teasing the appearance of the Dude in a Super Bowl commercial considering the date that accompanies the is the date the NFL’s showpiece event is scheduled to take place.

In 2016, Bridges did say he’d be up for playing the character again, saying it would be “fun playing a little cameo.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and find out what the teaser means but it’s nice to know that after all this time Jeffrey Lebowski is still out there living his truth.

Keep on truckin’, El Duderino.

Images via Twitter/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment