We thought that after John Cena posted an image of Captain America’s shield onto his Instagram account with no caption, he couldn’t confuse us any more than he already had.

What did he mean? Is he the new Cap? Was it just a mistake? What is the Brexit deal that Theresa May has apparently agreed?

So many burning questions and no answers.

Things then went quiet for the wrestler-come-actor for a while as he went back into his cave and practised the thing where he waves his hand in front of his face (is that him?)

But then on the 13th of this month, this advert for Skyy Vodka was released, starring the man himself…

Very American, pledging an allegiance and whatnot, but also very nice, as Skyy – a San Francisco based brand – are trying to promote diversity in their new campaign.

Just to make it clear – that’s not the confusing advert; it’s very black and white, that one, i.e. diversity is good and what being American is really about. No, it’s the next ad that has people talking…


What, John?

So he’s all three members of a 90s/early noughties boy band and he loves America. Incidentally, while you’re here, buy some sweet sweet vodka.

I guess the meaning is lost on me but I’ve got to say, I enjoyed it.

The responses are mixed…

I mean I’m not really into vodka but I guess if I was, I might get a bottle of Skyy now. Surely that means the ad worked..?

Who knows.

Images via Twitter