I’ll be honest with you…

I’ve absolutely not been able to get on the back of this recent craze for documentaries. Everyone, bar a few, seems to be utterly obsessed with literally any topic, so long as it’s put on Netflix and it’s presented in such a way that makes you think that you’re being let in on some big secret.

With that said, Netflix’s FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened was pretty incredible. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it, but it was for sure fascinating and I’m glad I watched it.

It was just a colossal sh*tshow. Nothing worked.

They were on a tropical island, exclusively rich people went there, the person who ran it really hadn’t thought anything out, and it’s turned out being a disaster and actually quite dangerous.

It’s exactly the same as Jurassic Park. In almost every way, except for dinosaurs, Fyre festival panned out the same way as Jurassic Park, and it’s worth remembering that.

So it only makes sense that someone would make a fantastic edit where Jurassic Park was presented the same was as Fyre Festival was in the Netflix documentary.

It’s eerie how well the subject matter suits an exposé documentary…

Commendations to Nerdist; absolutely terrific work.

Images via Netflix, Universal