Now we all know that dogs are dangerously lovable and that’s a fact not in contention. The barking is annoying but I guess most people talking loudly is equally bad, and for animals that largely undertake a vow of silence, dogs do fairly well in keeping it schtum.

But that’s not to say that they’re otherwise faultless. While some pups are very smart and even trick their blind owners into dog toy shopping, like so…

… some can’t even catch a frisbee.

And that’s not the worst of it…

1. Of all of the many dog toys going, this pup chose to have a brick as its best mate…

2. The relationship between this dog and his favourite box is a lot like the relationship between Keith Richards and all of the drugs, really. Keep on truckin’

3. Still no sign of the cat

4. Excellent hiding. Phenomenal 

5. Perfect execution. 10/10

6. That face when you forget you’re not Jesus

7. One of these dogs helped mow the lawn. Guess which one.

8. It brought all of it’s toys over to share with the other dog in the mirror

9. Window or painting? Doesn’t matter.

10. Retriever.

11. Gotta quench that thirst

12. Queuing up to receive a treat. Must be an English dog.

13. It got onto the roof and needed consoling before it came back indoors

14. French bulldog tunnels through sleeve. Regrets it?

15. This dog dragged the sprinkler into the house like the good boy he is. Gotta water them walls.

16. Out of reach. Profoundly sad.

17. It just assumed the door was closed. Impressive.

D’aww. It’s a good thing that we bred scary wolves in such a manner that they became fluffy idiots… sort of?

Never change, dogs.

Images via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bored Panda, Reddit, Snapchat