Katie Price has spoken out about the use of images of her son, Harvey, presented alongside distasteful quotes on novelty items such as cards and jumpers.

In 2016, Harvey Price appeared on Loose Women alongside his mother where they spoke, amongst other things, about bullying. When asked what he said to people who say nasty things about him, Harvey responded “Hello you c*nt”.

Rather unsettlingly, this then turned into a meme which featured all over the world, including flags at Glastonbury festival.

However, this has now been taken a step further as many people are purchasing Christmas jumpers that have on them pictures of a cartoon Harvey Price, wearing a Santa hat, accompanied by the quote “Ho Ho Hello You C*nt”.

These jumpers went viral, to a degree, when a video started circulating of a man taking off his jacket to reveal the jumper at a restaurant.

The jumper appears to go down like a lead balloon at the social event, but the man seems to revel in the distaste, laughing all the way.

Katie Price herself then weighed in, sickened by the continuous mocking of her son, who suffers from a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as being blind and autistic.

In the tweet, she responded to a news story, saying:

Why do people continue to mock my son , if these people met Harvey they would feel disgusted!

The jumpers and cards were available on eBay and Etsy, with one of the comments being:

Brilliant – the quality is great and delivery was quick.

My husband isn’t brave enough to wear it out of the house just yet, but the postman got a treat when he laid eyes on it.

That’s his Christmas bonus taken care of. Thanks!

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Etsy said:

Due to our privacy policy, we cannot comment on specific items or sellers.

Perhaps everything can be resolved if the sellers donate their profits to a Prader-Willi syndrome or autism charity…

Images via Twitter, eBay, ITV