My experience of dog contests is limited to Crufts and one I went to on Wandsworth Common last summer.

I turned up expecting to see these strong, powerful creatures demonstrating their skill, guile and ability, and instead it was an absolute sh*t show with a load of Dachshunds running around.

Not that that’s a bad thing; it was actually pretty funny.

They also had a sausage eating contest which saved the day – I was half tempted to sign up for it myself.

While that’s all well and good, what I was expecting was more on the lines of Rudy the bulldog, who has become an internet sensation after wooing audiences with his surprising nimbleness.

The little lightning bolt was taking part at the Westminster Kennel Club’s agility contest in New York City over the weekend, where, on first glance, he didn’t look up to the task.

He looks a bit chunky is all I’m saying.

Anyway, he went round the course in super-quick time and it’s marvellous to behold. Check it out.

Look at him go!

I like the bit when he weaves around the posts.

The canine time of 46.63 seconds ― or 51.63 with faults ― pales in comparison to the winning performance of Verb the border collie, but it was Rudy that stole the show.

I guess this just shows that looks can be deceiving.

Never judge a bulldog by its… gut?

Images via Getty/Twitter/Fox Sports