In the Batman cartoon film, The Killing Joke, the Joker’s origin story is delved into somewhat, and it tells the sad tale of a down on his luck comedian who can’t care for his pregnant wife.

Needing more money, he seeks help from the Red Hood clan, and takes them up on a heist that they planned at some kind of factory, dealing in vats of acid (???). Meanwhile, the comedian is told by the police that his wife and unborn child have died, due to an incident involving the neighbourhood he was desperate to get out of.

When on the job, they’re ambushed by security, who kill the two gang members he’s with, before Batman shows up and tries to take the comedian – who’s dressed as the Red Hood – out. Terrified, the comedian trips over his cape and falls into the chemical plant’s waste pond, which disfigures his face, making him look like a clown.

Plagued with guilt and pain, this drives the comedian insane, and he becomes the Joker. Here’s a shortened-down version of it…

Now that a Joker origin film is being made, with Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince of crime, is makes you wonder whether this is the plot they’re going to go for. Have a look at this new clip from the set of the upcoming film and see what you think…

Looks pretty cool. Smokers are jokers.

The reason I think this is basically the Killing Joke is because the Wikipedia page for the film says it’s about a down on his luck comedian turning to a life of crime, Phoenix’s Joker’s attitude, and the makeup.

The attitude is that of one who has nothing left. He doesn’t seem to take much joy from being the Joker at this point and his makeup is more classical-clown than Joker. The comedian part of the story could easily be changed to party-clown, after all.

He does look very cool though – big Heath Ledger vibes with the hair and general malaise.

Could this be DC’s first good film in seven years? Maybe…

One thing that confuses me though is that Joker 2019 is supposedly set in the 80’s – presumably the early 80s, going by what those two pedestrians are wearing – but the posters on the wall or 100% contemporary. The Good Place came out in 2016.

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