Every year, without fail for both their birthdays and Christmas, I get my niece and nephew LEGO and then I build it whilst they watch, like Roman noblemen on chaise lounges watching their slaves grind away at mess they made at their last party.

Don’t get me wrong, I act like it’s a real hassle for me but I absolutely love it. There is nothing quite like building LEGO and it’s up there with the most fun that be had, with sex, drinking, driving, and peeling glue off your hands (none of which can – or should – be done at the same time).

Sadly, as adults, it’s perfectly legal but slightly weird to devote your time to LEGO, and while a lot of us ignore that, many more are too self-conscious to proceed.

So with that, the Danish geniuses at LEGO decided to release a range of models for adults to enjoy, and all of our prayers have been answered!

Called LEGO Forma, they toys were made for adults as a way to carry on building and de-stress, which is all too important in today’s society.

The display set is a 294 piece model Koi fish and features moving parts, so it can be made to look like it’s swimming. They also come with customisable skins – such as sharks and whatnot – that people can decorate themselves…

Kari Vinther, Senior Marketing Manager and Head of Creative Play Lab Pilots said:

The young adults we speak to tell us they still feel the urge to be creative and enjoy the physical experience of making stuff – but life seems to get in the way.

We want to help them [adults] rediscover the joy of building that children possess and unleash their imaginations for a couple of hours.”

The products were made in collaboration between LEGO and IndieGoGo and unsurprisingly, all of the models released thus far have almost immediately sold out.

However, according to an official statement by LEGO:

A series of pilots are being planned to run in various locations and formats over the coming year to float new ideas, crowdsource others, and receive real-time feedback from consumers to evaluate whether concepts should be developed and scaled.

I’ll be honest, it sort of just looks like posh Bionicles and whilst that fine – Bionicles are the coolest – sometimes I just want to chill with the modest block.

I thought that was what the LEGO Architecture range was for; adults who want to build LEGO but also feel like adults.

I’ll probably still get one of these lovely Formas though, if I can.

Images via LEGO