John Lewis pretty much has a monopoly on Christmas adverts these days, which is a weird thing to say when you consider how important a Christmas advert should actually be.

The way we react to the advert being dropped is genuinely the same as if Theresa May had resigned – you’ve never seen us write an article so quick.

Halfway through frantically trying to piece together a semi-coherent article with your editor breathing down your neck, you sort of wonder if we’re over-egging how significant it actually is.

Like, it’s just an advert.

But, the public gets what the public wants.

Anyway, if you haven’t check it out already (you definitely will have) here it is:

Cute, right?

Well, Lidl have risen to the Christmas ad challenge by engaging in some light-hearted banter about Elton’s piano and price matching.

The budget German supermarket threw some shade at the department store for promoting a pricey piano when you can buy one of theirs for just £89.99.

It’s more like a keyboard but hey.

They posted the image to Facebook with the caption:

“Just because you don’t have £872 to spend on a piano, doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Elton. #EltonJohnLewis.”

Poking fun at Elton’s hit It’s A Little Bit Funny, they added the tagline: “It’s a Lidl bit funny”.

They also tweeted it with John Lewis pretty much knicking their response and replying:

‘It’s a Lidl bit cheaper.’

As you’d imagine, people were loving the exchange:

It’s not the first time this year a discount shopping emporium (I’m struggling to come up with different ways to describe them) have gone back and forth with another company.

Aldi recently hit the news with their Kevin the Carrot Christmas ad which had some decidedly Coca-Cola vibes about it:

Coke brilliantly responded with this…

And so it continued…

It’s great wholesome family fun, it really is.

I’d love a job running the social media accounts of some of these big companies.

Can’t help but feel I’d go at them too hard, though:

‘Shut up, Coke, with your high caloric value which directly contributes to obesity.’

I’d get sacked so quickly.

Images via Twitter/Getty