Back in 2011, Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld all sat together in a room and shared hilarious stories from each of their careers in HBO’s unscripted comedy special, Talking Funny.

However, a resurfaced clip from the special, showing Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock casually throwing around the N-word in front of a visibly uncomfortable Jerry Seinfeld, has caused a ruckus on social media, with a number of people and fellow entertainers criticising the comedians.

The exchange starts with Rock noting that C.K. is “the blackest white guy I f*cking know” and goes on to say, “In all the negative things we think about black people, this f*cker…”

At which point, C.K. cuts across and says:

“You’re saying I’m a n****r?”

Rock responds to C.K.: “You are the n*****est f***ing white man I have ever [met]” while Gervais can be heard in the background cracking up.

Seinfeld appears to be the only voice of reason in the room; after remaining largely silent for most of the conversation, he weighs in toward the end after CK points to his own use of the N-word as symbolic of the difference between his own and CK’s work.

“Well, you’ve found the humor of [using that word],” Seinfeld responds. “I haven’t found it. Nor do I seek it.”

Check out the clip in its entirety below (be warned, some language may offend people):

There’s something dangerously uncomfortable about watching three middle-aged white guys throw such a loaded word around so brazenly.

You can tell Seinfeld doesn’t get what they find so funny.

Needless to say, the resurfaced video has attracted condemnation from figures in the media and entertainment.

Comedian Wayne Brady also condemned those involved, when asked about the video by TMZ. 

“It was inappropriate,” he said.

“Louis CK shouldn’t have been saying it. Chris Rock shouldn’t have signed off on it. Ricky Gervais sure as hell shouldn’t have said it and I’m a Ricky Gervais fan.”

“I just think it’s completely inappropriate that Louis CK felt so comfortable,” he added. “People feel too comfortable saying that and just don’t. I don’t care if your best friend is the blackest dude in the world, don’t.”

“Seinfeld stayed out of it, but that doesn’t make him a hero or a saint,” he said. “It just made him tactically smart.”

So far, none of the people involved have responded to the footage, and I imagine they probably won’t do either.

Images via Twitter/HBO