In 2017, Louis CK’s career took a colossal nosedive when several women accused him of sexual misconduct. He initially dismissed the allegations as rumours, but eventually came forward and admitted that while he may have done what he was accused of doing – masturbating in front of women after pressuring them – he thought it was OK, since he always asked.

For a while, the comedian took a break from the limelight but after some time, he made a comeback.

As comebacks go, it was very low-key, as he mainly just performed at bars and small stand-up venues. It never really took, so to speak, but he’s been doing it ever since.

However it looks like he may have to take yet another break, since a recording of one of his gigs has come to light, which shows him joking at the expense of non-binary people and shooting survivors.

The language in this is pretty… well it’s Louis CK. You know what to expect…

He then went on to bemoan the Parkland survivors for speaking in front of congress, saying that they’re not interesting because their school got attacked, and that they only survived because they “pushed some fat kid in the way”.

While the audience at the gig appeared to love it, the opinions on Twitter are pretty damning…

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