Listen to the full interview with Iain Stirling here. 

Love Island may seem like a distant memory, much like that heatwave that we had, but fear not, the show will be returning next year and we can all get wrapped up in the love lives of people we’ve never met for another couple of months.

This year’s series was a cracker, and in Danni and Jack we have a couple that pretty much the whole nation is rooting for. My favourite thing about the show is the voice over from Iain Stirling, he just always seems to get what we’re all thinking. He’s knows how loyal Georgia is, and he ain’t afraid to tell us.

We sat down with the man himself for a revealing interview on our podcast, and he told us why he thinks the show is so popular. According to Iain it’s all down to relationships. People love relationships, and Love Island has basically said “well that’s the bit everyone likes, so let’s just do that the whole time. You can see your whole life in it. You can see couples making mistakes like you do.”

He also had some interesting thoughts on the psychology within the show, saying “You’ve got a bunch of people who are normally in their early 20s and have essentially spent their life since they were about 16 being the good looking one. You put them into a house, and a lot of them become the worst looking one and that must blow their mind. You’ve literally got to transform your psyche.”

He went on to discuss how tough it must have been for Laura to get rejected by two guys younger than her, having probably spent her life fighting off men younger than her.

Iain clearly loves the show, and he told us that when doing the voice over he imagines that he’s been trapped in a box for 23 hours and that the only time he’s allowed out is to watch the show. That explains the enthusiasm!!

It’s a great interview, and a must listen for Love Island fans.Download it here.