The long-awaited sixth and final season of the hit show Lucifer will premiere on Netflix on September 10.

The premiere date was confirmed at the show’s [email protected] panel by Tom Ellis – who plays Lucifer Morningstar in the series – and showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovichan.

A tweet by Netflix confirming the announcement reads: “Thing that was confirmed while we were all asleep: Lucifer’s sixth (and FINAL) season premieres on 10 September!”

The popular series also stars Chloe Decker as Lauren German and D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel.

All episodes will arrive on the streaming platform on September 10, 2021.

An official trailer was released alongside the announcement, but fans weren’t given the usual onslaught of spoilers.

Speaking on the panel, Mr Ellis said: “We spoil a lot in our trailers and we like to do that because we like everyone talking. But this is the final season,

“We’re trying to keep our hands really close to the vest. This is the last year that we have secrets [and] can surprise people.”

In the trailer, Lucifer can be seen harnessing the powers of God, and a nod was given to the show’s pilot episode when Lucifer was pulled over by a traffic cop.

When asked whether or not Lucifer would have God’s powers like the end of season five seemed to suggest, Henderson said: “Good question. I think that’s one of the first questions our characters will be asking when we start season six.”

He continued: “So much of the story of season five was maturing and growing up.

“There is so much to explore when you get to the moment where you think you’re done. You think you’ve become the person you’re trying to become. That became really interesting to explore.”

Ellis added: “He grew up a lot and he’s still in the process of growing up, but I think it’s that classic thing of ‘be careful of what you wish for’.

“He did convince himself of a lot of things in season five, but when something you think about actually happens, it often feels very different. That’s the kind of conundrum Lucifer finds himself in season six.”

The panel said that while Lucifer would be taking a step back from solving crimes while he attempts to decode other mysteries, Amenadiel would be officially joining the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department.

While it may be sad news that Lucifer’s time is up, the show has battled to get this far.

The comic-based series was previously axed by Fox after its fourth season before being picked up by Netflix for a renewal of what was supposed to be its fifth and final season.

However, Netflix and Warner Bros. decided to order a sixth season which was originally announced in June last year.

Are you looking forward to the final season? And what answers are you hoping for?