Luther is nearly back and you know what that means? That’s right; it means Luther is nearly back. Not everything has subtext.

As of yet, we still don’t have an official release date for season 5 of the gritty detective show, fronted by everyone’s favourite Idris Elba, but we know it’s on the way, and that’s enough to get lots of people drooling – including my mum, who doesn’t watch the show but fancies Idris.

Anyway, with the show somewhere just over the horizon, the BBC have been good enough to share with us two minutes of the new season, and it looks like Luther is back on his bullsh*t! i.e. having to deal with some seriously bad people whilst getting hurt in the process.

The clip shows the detective tied to a chair whilst being tasered for information, which then leads to the bad guys playing a one-sided game of Russian Roulette with him. How this man is still alive is utterly beyond me.

Watch the clip…

Hard-kicking, fast-punching action there. What’s not to love?

It does look good, regardless of whether or not I have a clue what’s going on. The official synopsis reads:

The moonless shadows of London give birth to a new nightmare. DCI John Luther must once again confront the depths of human depravity. As a series of monstrous killings becomes ever more audacious, Luther and new recruit D.S. Catherine Halliday are confounded by a tangle of leads and misdirection that seems designed to protect an unspeakable horror.

But even as the case brings him closer than ever to the nature of true evil, a reluctant Luther must also face the ghosts of his own past. Striding back into the line of fire, he must choose who to protect… and who to sacrifice. Whatever his next move, it will have devastating consequences for those around him – and will change John Luther forever.”

Sounds good. I’m looking forward to it.

We’ll let you know when we get some info on when we can expect the release.

Images via BBC