It goes without saying that ‘Home Alone’ is one of the greatest Christmas films ever.

(Although not Britain’s favourite as a recent poll revealed.)

It spawned a couple of sequels (the less said about them the better), but it’s the original that catapulted cute child-actor Macaulay Culkin into super-stardom.

In the years since, Macaulay has somewhat fallen out of the public eye – although he did front a New York-based, pizza-themed comedy rock band called the Pizza Underground – but now he’s finally returned to his most famous role as Kevin McCallister.

Teaming up with Google to advertise Google Assistant, Macaulay has re-created some of his famous scenes from the 1990 Christmas classic and it’s wonderfully nostalgic.

Check it out below:

It’s like taking a trip down memory lane.

Google lets him know that the only item on his calendar for the day is “house to yourself,” which admittedly sounds a lot more novel when you’re an 8-year-old.

In a reference to one famous scene in the movie, he realises he’s out of aftershave (though Culkin forgoes his iconic screaming face slap move.)

There’s also a nod to the scene where he’s eating ice cream while watching TV, although this is 2018 so of course there’s a cleverly placed tablet next to him.

And the terrifying furnace even pops up!

Also, Google shared a behind the scenes video of how they made the commercial which you can check out below:

And if that’s not enough to whet you Culkin-size appetite, the actor has also featured in a somewhat bizarre video to play the many, many Home Alone video games that have been released in the past, before recreating the famous booby-trapping scenes to ‘capture’ the games.

Here it is, folks:

That’s a lot of Home Alone #content right there.

Guess I’m going to have to watch the film tonight.

Merry Christmas, yah filthy animals!

Images YouTube/Google