Becoming a bride really brings out the worst in people, don’t you think?

A maid of honour has taken to Reddit to voice her shock when the bride told her that her husband isn’t welcome on her special day because he is too small.

The disgruntled woman shared the information on a forum where people check to see if they are right or wrong in civil disputes.

She wrote: “She didn’t have the date immediately as she wasn’t sure how it will be with COVID and now she has the date and she told me she thinks it would be better if my husband didn’t come.

“I asked her why and she didn’t want to tell me at first but then she said it is because he is shorter than me and it would look weird in pictures.”

Her husband stands at 165 cm while she is a whopping 166 cm.

In a desperate attempt to get her husband invited, the woman offered to wear flats.

But the bride was having none of it because the rest of the woman in her wedding party will be sporting high heels.

The maid of honour then told the bride that she would not attend the wedding without her husband.

“She said that the day is about her and not about me and my husband and I should respect her wishes about her day.

“I told her she is being shallow and that it is either me and my husband or none of us.”

The maid of honour’s husband told her that she couldn’t back down to the bride’s outlandish demands because it would make them look bad.

The woman wanted the users of Reddit to weigh in with some “objective” opinions.

They asked if the bride disliked the woman’s husband which would perhaps explain the real reason for him not being invited to her wedding.

The maid of honour replied, saying that they got on fine even though her husband “doesn’t like her that much”.

One Reddit user said: “You and your husband are 100% correct. What on earth did she think your response would be? I think ‘Both of us or neither of us’ is entirely fair.”

Another said: “For someone who is about to get married, she seems to have an odd idea of what marriage entails.”

While a third said: “A wedding is after all a union so if she can’t accept your union to your husband and the fact, that it’s the two of you or none, then it’s her problem and she has no right to belittle/judge you.”

Has the bride gone too far?

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