Cheating’s never fun, although fortunately I’ve never had it done to me (nor have I done it to anyone else).

Sadly, though, scumbags exist – both male and female – meaning there’s a small population out there who think they’re in a loving relationship when really it’s not reciprocated.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to this next guy – an early contender for the worst person of 2019.

Reddit user Propermistakeregret revealed to the Reddit community that, shockingly, he’d ended up accidentally proposing to his girlfriend (whom he wanted to break up with) with the ring he intended to give to a work colleague he’d been secretly seeing.

It’s like the Ross, Rachel and Joey ‘love’ triangle all over again.

Here’s his story, which, unsurprisingly, didn’t get much sympathy.

“I’m seeing someone else, wanted to break up with her. I bought the ring for a work colleague, wasn’t planning to propose until the holiday we planned,” he wrote.

During New Year’s Eve, I proposed to my girlfriend. It’s been posted on my friend’s Snapchat, my girlfriend’s Facebook page, everywhere.

I saw people proposing so I wanted to go with the flow and proposed to my girlfriend whilst partially pissed. Can I get the ring back and cancel the engagement please?”

Pretty abysmal behaviour, right?

Here’s what the people of Reddit said about it:

And after all this, he eventually posted an update: he’s now marrying his original girlfriend!


“I’ve had a long and hard think to myself, I decided to hand in my four-week notice to my boss and start afresh.

“I think it’s best my girlfriend doesn’t find out about the affair I’ve been having so I’ve spoken to my colleague and told her I’m not going on holiday with her and I’ve ended it with her.

“I’ve known my girlfriend longer and my mum gave me a call saying she’s happy and she’s always wanted grandchildren and whatnot so I didn’t want to disappoint my mum. I’m going to marry my girlfriend.”

He also revealed that his girlfriend has started planning the wedding on her Macbook and he doesn’t want to interrupt or upset her.

“I think it’s the right thing to do.

“Just worried that my colleague will somehow get a hold of my girlfriend and tell her about the times we’ve slept together. That’s my final decision and I think I’ll stick to that.”

What a lovely, lovely human.

I hope she finds this article.

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