A man discovered that his online girlfriend of eight months was actually his flatmate catfishing him.

Mario appeared on an episode of Catfish UK – the British version of MTV’s hugely popular reality show hosted by Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

Originally from the US but now living in London, Mario met the woman of his dreams, ‘Hannah’, on a dating app.

Mario was falling deeply in love with Hannah after messaging with her every day.

But she refused to take his calls, and despite her claims that she lived in London, refused to meet up – which does sound a little fishy.

Cue Catfish UK investigators Oobah Butler and Julie Adenuga.

The pair started things off in classic Catfish style – the reverse image search.

When looking at photos of Hannah posing in a red telephone box, Oobah pointed out that it was weird for a Londoner to pose with something so commonplace to anyone living there.

A reverse search of the woman’s headshot revealed that the woman in the picture was in fact living in New Zealand, and had no clue who Hannah was or why she was using her pictures.

After revealing the shocking news to Mario, he said: “I feel foolish, do they not have better things to do with their time than waste mine.”

The team then tried to phone Hannah, but with no success.

But, all hope wasn’t lost, as Hannah sent the trio a text that read: “Catfish have just been in touch, if I meet you, do you promise I won’t lose you.”


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The meet was on.

Mario, Oobah and Julie headed to a local park to confront the elusive Hannah once and for all – and to get Mario the answers he deserved.

When the woman arrived, it was, of course, not Hannah at all, but Mario’s housemate, business partner and ex-friend-with-benefits, Courtney.

A shocked Mario couldn’t believe his eyes.

He said: “I didn’t expect to see you today. Out of everyone in the world, I didn’t expect you.

“It’s not real, this is way too much to take in.”

Courtney’s true feelings for Mario then came pouring out.

She said: “He’s my best friend, and my roommate.

“We’ve known each other for almost five years now. I wanted to see what it would be like to be his girlfriend, because I am desperately in love with him.”

But unfortunately for her, the feeling wasn’t mutual – with Mario saying that he loved her ‘like family’ and didn’t see her in that way.

During the catchup at the end of the episode, the pair revealed that they were still good friends and still living together.

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