I went on my first ever stag do in May last year and it was even more debaucherous than I anticipated.

We went to Hamburg and despite being there for three days, I couldn’t possibly tell you what the city was like. All I remember is the groom being dressed as a chicken the whole time and drinking copious amounts of alcohol a stone’s throw away from the Red Light District.

It was a good trip.

But while plenty of thought and consideration went into this trip, I’m not sure if I’d attend a stag do spontaneously, especially if I’m not really supposed to be there anyway.

That didn’t put Will Novak off though, as he accidentally got invited to a stag do (on account of an email typo) and bloody went along anyway.

The chancer from Phoenix, Arizona didn’t know anyone on the trip, but he did know that they were planning to head to Vermont for a skiing trip for groom-to-be Angelo.

Bring your 80’s attire, ridiculous awesome get ups, etc. for skiing, ask yourself “What would Angelo wear?” one line read.

Wanting to learn how to ski, and to basically get in on all the fun, Will raised $4,375 through a GoFundMe page allowing him the funds to attend.

Writing on his GoFundMe page, Will relayed his hilarious response to the email he should never been a part of:


I do not know who Angelo is. I am a Will Novak who lives in Arizona. Vermont seems like a very far way for me to travel for the bachelor party of a guy I’ve never met.

That being said: f*cking count me in! From the contents of this email, Angelo sounds tremendous and I want to help send him off in style. I hope his bride (or groom) to be, is awesome.

I should note that being a desert dweller, I’ve only been skiing once and I was real bad at it. I hope you all are patient with me on the slopes. In exchange for said patience, I can bring my sweet Nintendo Switch so we can play games in the cabin/chalet/whatever in the evenings.

If Angelo isn’t into video games I’m happy to bring suduko puzzles or just Indian Leg Wrestle or whatever he likes.”

Eventually, his new friends replied to say they all agreed that Novak join them.

Posting the thread to Facebook, Novak asked his followers:

So I ask you Facebook, should I leave my wife and 9 month child behind to go to a bachelor party of a man I’ve never met on the other side of the country? Because right now, I’m leaning yes!”

And guess what, he made the 2,500 mile trip.

“I made it. I have no reception. I’m gonna pass out,” he revealed in an Instagram post.

#AngelosBachelorParty was a big success!!!” he told people in an update on the GoFundMe page. 

“No one died, or even got arrested! Though the other Will Novak did dislocate his shoulder whilst trying to ‘shred the gnar‘.

He also explained that he found out Angelo and his bride-to-be were also expecting a baby, so any excess GoFundMe funds he raised would be going towards the little one.

Let’s help start this new couple off on the right foot,” he wrote.

He spoke about his experience in a recent interview:

What an absolute legend.

Images via Facebook/Will Novak/Twitter