I can’t be doing with the sea. I’ve never been anywhere with such a profound sense of not belonging quite like treading water 50 metres away from the shore in the ocean.

You could be an arm’s length away from your friend but you’ve never felt so far away from them. It’s such a bizarre feeling that I don’t know whether is exclusive to me but I choose not to f*ck with the sea. I respect it too much.

Conversely, twenty-seven-year-old Nick Naydev jumped off a cruise ship into the sea so he could get some Instagram likes. I guess it takes all sorts of people to fill a world.

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What a start to 2019 (This is my cameraman)

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The Vancouver-native was travelling with his friends on a Royal Caribbean cruise in the Bahamas when he – in his drunken state – elected to disembark the boat in the quickest way he knew how; by going off the side.

The footage was then uploaded to his Instagram account – as was always the plan – and as you might have expected, he and his friends have subsequently been dealt a lifetime ban by Royal Caribbean.

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Full send

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What an appalling cameraman.

Nick was then picked up by a rescue boat, was asked to get his belongings and leave. The next day brought a heavy toll, as he explained:

When I sobered up my back started hurting pretty bad. Could barely walk for three days and could barely sleep from the pain.

He then had to pay $200 to get back to Miami. All’s well that ends well, really. I say that, Royal Caribbean have announced that they’re reviewing their legal options.

A spokesperson for the company told The Sun:

This was stupid and reckless behaviour and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again. We are exploring legal action.”

Nick’s friend, Konstantin Kryachun, also banned, told Yahoo:

He’s jumped from those kind of heights before, and we didn’t really care about the consequences with the cruise company. We just wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral.

Sounds like a good friend.

Don’t jump off boats. It’s a waste of money and you could hurt yourself.

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