I’ve always thought that my proposal would be a quite understated affair. I’m far too self-conscious to get down on one knee in the middle of a busy restaurant and I wouldn’t want to overdo things on a one-on-one basis say, in the park with my future wife.

More likely than anything, we’ll be in a restaurant and I’ll craftily slide a ring to her side of the table, look at her, then it, and then shrug; think mobster paying off the chief of police in a gangster film. She’d nod or shake her head, and if it’s the latter, I’ll take the ring and put it back in my inside pocket. If it’s the former, I’ll shake her hand and say no more.

Either that or I’ll stick the ring in a Greggs bake and hope for the best.

Oh hold on, that’s been done…


Tony Brown is the culprit, as he proposed to his girlfriend, Rebecca English, outside of the Fenwick’s window – across the street from Greggs – with the traditional ring and less traditional festive bake.

It was a moment of spontaneity though, as Tony only had the pastry handy since he was more peckish than he’d previously anticipated and as he handed Rebecca the ring, it only seemed right to sweeten the deal with a festive slice.

It must be the most Geordie proposal ever,” Rebecca quipped.

Tony explained:

I was hyper and I was starving, and when I turned around there it was – Greggs.

I had been so nervous before hand down – hands down it was the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done.

We have two kids (Daizy and Molly) and compared to this, labour was an absolute breeze.

Easy for you to say, Tony…

Tony had apparently been planning his proposal for years, and finally plucked up the courage to pop the ol’ question when the family were looking in the Fenwick’s window.

Rebecca recalls:

Everyone was clapping and Daizy didn’t know what was going on – she thought they were clapping her.

We are going to Seaham Hall later this month, and he was planning on proposing there.

I don’t know what exactly happened but he spoke to his barber that morning and he just suddenly decided today was the day.

And the festive bake was totally typical of him – but I was expecting more than a Greggs afterwards, put it that way!

She said yes, by the way.

How lovely. Maybe all I need to do is buy a Greggs and then I’ll find true love?

Nah, my true love is time-sensitive #Content.

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