When I was a wee whippersnapper, I’d always get a Guinness World Record book for Christmas.

It’s like the classic stocking-filler present, isn’t it? It’s cheap, you’d never buy one for yourself and you only ever flick through it on Christmas Day.

Of course, most versions never actually change that much year to year; it’s not like the record for the world’s biggest pillow fight is getting broken every week after all.

Having said that, it would be seriously cool to be in there, although I suppose that depends on the record. Longest fingernails? Nah, you’re OK.

Most amount of pull-ups in a 24 hour period? Seriously cool record to have.

Anyway, twitter user @Michael1979 came up with a pretty cool record to break as he tried to memorise the value of pi (you know, that pesky mathematical constant?).

Except he failed, and he shared the “very disappointing” letter he received from the organisation who said he fell ‘some distance short‘ of the current record (the current record is to almost 70,000 digits by the way).

This is what he says:

“Thank you for your letter of January 7th 2019. We are always eager to hear of new world record attempts. Unfortunately, however, your claim to have memorized pi to two decimal places falls some distance short of the current record and we will not be sending a member of our Records Management Team to evaluate it.

Furthermore, pi is not equal to 3.11 so this error would automatically invalidate your record attempt regardless.”

Brilliant, he literally memorised it to two decimal places – most kids can do that.

Worth a try, though.

People on Twitter were loving his audacity:

Even the mathematician’s were on his side:

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the world record looks like, take a look below:

My brain hurts.

Images via Twitter